Sister Jenny Reynolds (f)

Qualifications: RGN, BSC Community Health Studies Specialist Practitioner and Community Practitioner Nurse Prescriber, Diploma in Clinical Effectiveness, Diploma in Nurse Management, Marie Curie Cervical Screening and Breast Awareness, Diploma in Family Planning in Clinical Practice, Diploma in Diabetes Management.

Special Interests: Family Planning, Health Promotion, Women’s Health, Wound Management, Hypertension, Travel Health and Diabetes.

Languages: English.

Sister Rachel Jones (f)

Qualifications: RGN, BSc Community Health Studies, Specialist Practitioner and Community Practitioner Nurse Prescriber, Diploma in Respiratory Health, Diploma in Wound Healing, Cervical Screening and Breast Awareness, Diploma in Respiratory Management.

Special Interests: Respiratory Disease, Childhood Immunisation, Travel Health, Wound Healing, Contraception, Sexual Health.

Languages: English, Welsh.

Sister Fiona Jenkins (f)

Qualifications: RGN, BSc (Hons) Clinical Practice. Maintaining Respiratory Health degree module.

Full Certificate in ARTP - spirometry.  Completed Diploma in Diabetes.

Special interests: INR and anticoagulation management, Respiratory disease, Contraception, Cervical screening, Childhood Imms, Wound care.

Languages: English.

Sister Sarah Morgan (f)

Qualifications: First-class honours from University of South Wales in Adult Nursing.

Special Interests:  Sexual health, diabetes management.

Languages:   English.

Anita Cornish (f)

Qualifications: Accredited Phlebotomist (RGH). City & Guilds (NVQ 3) in Primary Care.  Research Co-ordinator.

Special Interests: Duties include taking bloods, urine testing, BP recording, ECG and spirometry recording. All results and readings are interpreted by the clinician requesting the test. Diabetic foot checks and removal of stitches/sutures, simple dressings. Aesthetics, Immunisations (Flu, Fluenz, Pneumovax, B12), Research Co-ordinator.

Languages: English.

Cheryl Benson (f)

Qualifications:  Accredited Phlebotomist (UHW). City & Guilds (NVQ 3) in Health & Social Care.

Special Interests: Phlebotomy; Wound care, suture/staple removal; Aseptic technique to assist in theatre; ECG; Urine dip; Spirometry training; Blood pressure readings.

Languages: English.

Katherine Pritchard (f)

Qualifications: Accredited Phlebotomist (RGH).  Agored Cymru Level 3 Certificate (underway, awaiting certificate).

Special interests: Phlebotomy; ECG; Urine dip; Spirometry training; Aseptic technique to assist in theatre; Blood pressure readings; immunisations (Flu, Fluenz); B12 injections; diabetic foot checks.

Languages: English.

Helen Hanks (f)

Qualifications: Accredited Phlebotomist (UHW).

Special interests: Phlebotomy.

Languages: English.

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